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EMF – The Engineering Medical Fund


“To look after our members’ healthcare needs by offering superior benefits at affordable contribution rates at all times”


“To be the market leader in healthcare provision in Zimbabwe and beyond”


EMF was established in 1937 as a Private Industrial Medical Fund to provide medical aid cover to employees in the engineering industry. Because of the importance attached to healthcare cover in the industry, membership was made compulsory for certain grades of jobs in the industry.

With the economic downturn of the 1990s, companies started to downsize, retrench employees and most closed down. This led to the decline in membership. As a result, the Society could not depend on its industrial membership alone.

In 2002, the Fund was transformed into a fully fledged medical aid society which opened up to the public. The name changed from Engineering Medical Fund to EMF Medical Aid Society and the society started focusing on recruiting voluntary members.

In 2007, the Alphamed scheme was introduced as an additional voluntary scheme to supplement the Society’s income.

When the Medical Fund was transformed into a medical aid society, it was mandated by the EMF Board to operate strictly on business lines, i.e. it was supposed to operate profitably and was supposed to offer efficient and professional services to members based on optimal subscription rates.

Our previous Fund Secretary is Mrs. H Ferreira 1992 – 2008 and previous General Secretary Mr. Rees 1990 to 1995.

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