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Diabetes Mellitus

DIABETES MELLITUS Our focus this week is on Diabetes Mellitus, which is a very common problem, but very few people know about it. It is a condition in which the body fails to produce sufficient amounts of insulin, a chemical that regulates blood sugar (glucose) levels. As a result sugar builds up in the blood […]

Understanding Epilepsy

Understanding Epilepsy What epilepsy is? The equivalent of the word epilepsy in Shona is pfari or izithuthwane in Ndebele. “Epilepsy” describes a tendency to recurrent seizures or ‘fits’. This results from the disturbances in the normal electrical activity of the brain. The nature of the fit will depend on the part of the brain first […]

First Aid- Choking

CHOKING Choking is when the throat\airway is partially blocked (minor choking) or completely blocked (major choking) the blockage can be a result of a foreign object e.g. food Signs of choking Difficulty or inability to speak, cry, cough or breathe (may be gasping) May hold their throat and tears may be streaming down their cheeks. […]

Waiting Periods

WAITING PERIODS The Engineering Medical Fund Board has stipulated waiting periods to members joining medical aid for the first time or where there has been a lapse in membership. These waiting periods include:- Three (3) Months There is a general three (3) months waiting period imposed upon a new member but if the person had […]